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Exciting News from Swahili Coast Mission: A Place to Call Home!

After seven years of gathering beneath the open sky, we are now on the cusp of providing our congregation with our very first church building.

For seven years, we have gathered under the trees, come rain or shine, but now it's time to build a sanctuary for our community. This will be a cornerstone in our village, a unifying hub for all!Beyond serving as a place of worship, it will function as a community center where we will hold leadership meetings, village assemblies, and numerous projects benefiting the community. However, we can't achieve this alone. We humbly ask: Will you stand with us in constructing the very first church building in our mission?

We are truly blessed to have partnered with Troll Architects, a prestigious architectural firm from Oppdal. Comprised of a talented group of young architects with a portfolio of exciting projects in Oppdal and beyond, they've crafted stunning architectural plans and a 3D model that vividly captures our vision. We are deeply moved and grateful for the time and resources they've devoted to our cause. In March, project manager Idunn visited us in Kenya to explore potential building materials and construction techniques. This enlightening trip resulted in a project that exclusively utilizes local, sustainable building materials, constructed by skilled local artisans.

The church building will span 40x16 meters, with an outdoor area measuring 40x10 meters. It will feature walls crafted from coral stone, a roof structure fashioned from locally sourced wood, covered with makuti (palm leaves). One side will open up with sliding/folding doors facing the outdoor area. We're also planning a church tower to call people to gather. Rainwater collected from the roof will be repurposed to nourish fruit trees and vegetables.

This endeavor embodies our faith and represents a substantial investment in our village. We are collaborating with a local contractor and architect, and are currently applying for building permits, that will then make it easier for us to estimate the budget. However, we're fully aware that achieving this dream requires substantial funding, so we're launching our fundraising efforts now. The estimated budget is approximately two million Norwegian kroner/ 200,000$.

Our mission is to enact profound, enduring change within the village, transforming a culture of poverty and oppression. This church building will be a pivotal part of that transformation.

We hope that congregations, businesses, and individuals alike will join us in this monumental project!

Together, we can transform lives!

By investing in our mission, you're contributing to sustainable living practices and community development.

To contribute, please use the following details:

In addition to financial support, you're invited to participate in volunteer trips. Join organized group trips to Kilifi, immerse yourself in the local culture, and contribute both your labor and expertise. If this interests you, please contact Frank Abildsten.