Swahili Coast Church

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We believe

We believe that a church is very important in a society, to be a pillar of hope, light and a place where people can gather in faith in Jesus and find comfort and strength, get support to stand in life's difficulties. Get education and advice on how to manage life, finances and family.

Based on that, other initiatives and aid measures in society can grow even stronger and better. We have never wanted to build a church on our own plot, as we want it to be something the locals feel ownership of, and not something that belongs to us. When we bought land for Wasi in September 2020, the same family sold us 2 acres for half price, with the intention that we would build a church there, in the middle of the village.

Our church
We have people of all ages in our congregation, but a rather unusual thing is that the majority of the members are young boys in their teens and twenties. This is quite unusual, but they have found a good community and it is nice to see how they gradually get out of both drug abuse, get their lives back together, improve school grades and behavior. It gives a lot of hope for the future of our village!

Church is something very different for us than what it is for many others. Especially here. People go to Sunday services, and then they run out the door as soon as the service is over, and do not talk to anyone until they return next Sunday. If they talk to someone, it is to give money to the church treasury so that they can be assured that if they get sick, the pastor will come and visit them. If not then they are out in the cold.

For us, church is about so much more than Sunday services. The church is not a building, and the congregation is not just the ones who come to the Sunday services. It is everyone who comes together for one common truth: Jesus is our Savior, and the rock of our lives, who we believe has the best principles for growing and building strong families and communities.

We place a lot of emphasis on fellowship both after and outside the Sunday services. We drink tea together, and mingle and talk together. Hear how the week has been, how it is at home and at school. We visit each other and reach out to help each other.

We are surrounded by so many broken families. People full of trauma. Young people who have lost their parents in cruel ways and have never learned how to handle life. Mothers alone and left with both five and ten children. Older men who have never learned how to be good fathers and men. Almost all come from broken homes.

One of the roles we want our church to have is to compensate for some of this pain and lack around us. We want single mothers to get help and people who can stand with them and fight for their rights and help them in practical ways. That the elderly grandmothers can receive support and help to have a dignified life. Orphans can find fathers, mothers and siblings. That the weak can be helped to bear their burdens, and that the strong can find meaning in serving the weak. This is what the church is meant to be. A family that supports each other and helps each other. A place where you can build bonds and relationships that are stronger and more faithful than biological family, because you have something stronger that binds you together.

A functioning church is one of the most beautiful things there is, and we're so proud of the church family that we build, stronger and stronger every week.

Evangelist team
In our church we have an evangelist department, lead by our staff Cassie and Eimund Skjæret, that are training up a team to become evangelist. Every week they go around in the neighboring villages, praying for the sick, sharing the gospel and inviting people to our church.
We also regularly travel and visit other churches on the coast, especially the ones in the church society we belong to, Christ Formation Chapel Ministries.

If you would like to join us, we have services every Sunday at 10 am, with Sunday school from 9-10 for the children. Send us an email and one of our staff will help you with directions.