How to become a school sponsor

How to become a sponsor

Through our sponsorship program most children in our community is given a chance to go to school, but still we are surrounded with families that are coming to us for help, that we don’t have the means to help. You can enable us to help more people by donating to our school fund!

One time donations are good, but our biggest need is monthly partners so that we can offer our students continued support as they go through primary and secondary school. 

You can connect with a specific child that becomes your sponsored child, or you can give generally towards our school fond. 100% of the income to our school fund goes directly towards our school students:  school fees and expenses, school improvements, teaching materials and supplies.

If you want to become a monthly partner to our School Fund you can donate directly to Norwegian account number.

Account number: 4266 17 44507
Swift code: OPPDNO21

IBAN nr: NO15 4266 17 44507

Bank details: Stig and Linda Ministries,

Oppdalsbanken, O. Skasliens vei 15,

7340 Oppdal

Or contact us through

Donations we made to Nzombere primary school during the Covid pandemic in 2020.

(Cover photo and first two photos by Cathrine Krispinussen, YWAM, spring 2022)