School Sponsorship Program

School Sponsorship Program

We believe education is a big key of relieving poverty, and we focus heavily on school sponsorship. The unique thing about our sponsorship program, is that we interact closely with the kids that we are helping as we live amongst them.

Through our six years of experience doing ministry and sponsorship programs in this area, we have revised our program several times to accommodate what works best among the specific group that we work with.

Our school sponsorship program is mainly limited to our closest communities, as we believe it is important to not just help them get an education, but also mentor and guide them holistically to make sure they become responsible, resilient and mature young people that will help change their family and community. 

These are the two types of sponsorship program that we now offer:

1. Full Scholarship Sponsorship Program
2. Hands On Sponsorship Program

Full Scholarship Sponsorship Program is mainly for our secondary school students. It is targeted towards youths that we know personally, either through our church or longtime friendships. We take responsibility and invest in them by paying their school fees, and also providing for tuition programs, revision books, uniforms, pocket money, and everything they need to excel in school.

We have a policy and guidelines that the students commit to follow, that holds them to a high standard of morals and integrity. They also undergo mentorship programs at our mission base in the school holidays.

The guidelines emphasises behaviour and morals more than only grades, and we support students both in boarding schools and day schools. These are youths that we believe in, that we are guardians for in school, and that we raise as our own as we support them financially, mentally and spiritually through high school. We also have 5 students that have finished high school that are now in Bible school through this program. Currently we have 19 students in our Full Scholarship Program.

Hands On Sponsorship Program is something that is open for everyone in our community.  It is a way of providing every parent in our village with a possibility to earning school fees for their kids, even if we don’t know them personally.

It is based on the parent’s financial need, and is an opportunity for anyone that is struggling to pay their kids school fees. We pay their school fees, but the parents comes to work at our construction site or our base to pay down their debt. It gives an opportunity to help many more, as we also save money for workers.

It leaves the responsibility of the kids to the parents, who are responsible for the individual follow up of their child. Everyone is welcome at our base in the evenings to do their homework and get help with their school work and use our library of school books.

Currently 25-30 kids come every evening to study.
Currently we help more than 100 kids with school fees through this program.

School Fund Account: 
We have a School Fund Account that is designated for all school related expenses and gives us the opportunity to offer project based support.

Some of the projects we have done are:

-Paid school debt for more than 20 students in Chumani school students after a school fire in 2019.
-Helped our local Nzombere Primary School to meet the governments requirements for reopening after covid lockdown in January 2021. By buying one 10,000 l water tank, 10 water buckets, water taps, thermo guns and hand sanitiser. Also paid down a substantial amount of debt for each student in the school, making it easier for the parents to send their kids back to school after 10 months at home. 
-For the same cause in January 2021 we also helped our local Majajani Secondary school with buying two 5,000 litre water tanks, paid for materials and workers and managed the project of building three foundations for said water tanks, bought water buckets, taps, pipes and other needed equipment for meeting the governments requirements for reopening after Covid lockdown.
-Donated building materials to Majajani Secondary School to build a new classroom February 2021.
-Bought revision books for all classes in primary and secondary school and made a school library at our mission base. This is for the disposal of all the kids in our community. The performance of our local schools have significantly increased after we started this. 

Current need: 
Currently our local schools are in need of desks, learning equipment, and more classrooms. Read more about how to help to see how you can partner with our school sponsorship program.

These are photos from Nzombere primary school, where we are helping support a majority of the children with school fees. These children are our neighbors, our kids best friends, and the future leaders of our community.
(All photos by Cathrine Krispinussen, taken spring 2022)  Instagram:  @capturedbykrispinussen