One of the things that we value and want to do more of is to equip our neighbours with a skill that can help them to sustain themselves. Most people are living in extreme poverty, and one way to actually help them is to teach them a skill that can provide a source of income for them. We do not want people to become dependent on us, but rather independent and able to create a future for themselves and their children.

Neema sewing, providing work for ladies in Nzombere: 

Neema sewing is a group for a few ladies in our village of Nzombere. We began by hosting a sewing course for ladies in our village that Maria Gilde Vikestad came and taught. (Just learning how to sew is a valuable skill that they can use to start their own business if they want to!) We now have a solid group of ladies that are sewing 5 days a week. The concept of a sewing group originated with Tonje Honningdal Fjellvang and Linda Abildsten Gisnås. Today the sewing room is run by Halima and Zubeda, our local leaders, and is lead by Linda in Kenya and Tonje in Norway.

All income from what is sold goes to women empowerment and community development in Kilifi. In Swahili, "neema" means grace, and we thought it a fitting name. The women and us appreciate your support!

If you would like to purchase something from neema sewing, contact us on our instagram, neema.seweing or send a mail

Knitting group: 

We have a group of women in Manarani that we have taught to knit washcloths, with yarn that we provide from Norway. 

The women are super eager to produce because it means food and provision for their families. Earlier Linda has paid them weekly for what they knit, and the wash clothes have been sold to cover the expenses.

How to help: 

The best quality cotton yarn that we can find at the moment, is from Norway. To be able to keep the costs of the finished products low, we have been reliant on people donating the yarn to us to be able to give the women the exact amount that we sell the washcloth for. The cost of one wash cloth is for now 69 NOK. If you want to donate yarn, or donate money so we can buy yarn, it would be of great help. 

If you or your church would like to buy a few or many washcloths, or donate yarn, please contact us by email and we will put you in touch with our Norwegian staff.