Mahanaim Mission Base

We have chosen to call our base in Kilifi, Kenya Mahanaim Mission base and this is why: 

Mahanaim (meaning two camps in Hebrew) is a place mentioned a number of times by the Bible.

The first mentioned of Mahanaim occurs in the book of Genesis as the place where Jacob had a vision of angels (Genesis 32:2). Believing it to be "God's camp", Jacob names the place Mahanaim (Hebrew for "Two Camps", or "Two Companies") to memorialise the occasion of his own company sharing the place with God’s. 

Our base is called Mahanaim Mission Base because we want it to be two camps, a place where Heaven and earth meets. 

Our base is in a small village called Nzombere, 30 minutes drive interior from Kilifi. It is a small community surrounding a valley, overviewing Kilifi Creek. It is a peaceful and quiet place, and with very little development, but a lot of potential!

This is where we live, where our offices are, where all of our projects happen, and where you will visit if you get to come. 

We have 7 acres fenced, and recently we have bought additionally 21 acres surrounding our fenced land. We want our base to be a safe haven and an oasis both for the people that live here, but also for the community. In the valley of our land outside the fence we want to make a place for the community to get together, and a fun place for the kids to play. We have built a volleyball ground, and soon there will also be a football ground and a playground. We also want to try to find water soon by drilling a borehole that would be for the community.

In the future we plan on having a Bible school for Kenyans, a medical clinic, an orphanage, businesses and a lot more projects. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our progress.